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What Is DDP?


DDP stands for Dedication, Direction and Productivity. These are three hallmark values of San Diego biotech entrepreneur and business adviser Keith Bryant. With an MBA in Finance from NYU, he was initially a Booz.Allen & Hamilton (NY) strategy consultant focused on big pharma, followed by 20 years in biotech Business Planning and Business Development working across many therapeutic areas. Successful financings to date have ranged from $250,000 to $75 million. He has closed Licensing and M&A deals from both sides of the table including a $1.4 billion out-licensing from a San Diego innovator to a New Jersey Top 30 Pharmaceuticals Company. He has been a member of the leadership teams of 4 mid-sized public companies in San Diego and has been working with smaller, younger companies since 2012. 

The Approach


Focusing on dedication, direction and productivity means applying deep experience, a far-reaching network, and knowledge of what really matters to financers and strategics to bring start-ups to a point of fully functioning organization with a complete team, smart financing and one or more strong, productive strategic partnerships. Key to developing a company foundation at this stage is understanding how biotech angels, VCs and big pharma think as well as maintaining a long list of important relationships at all times. Entrepreneurs benefit from a Business Partner that has been on the other side of the table and continues to maintain a good reputation.

What About Cash


DDP works on a fractional (part-time) basis with minimal cash compensation, accepting over half of compensation in equity that vests over time, minimizing the entrepreneur’s near-term cost and risk. A typical relationship starts as Business Adviser, growing only as needed, developing into a Chief Business Officer or Director relationship at the right time depending on the situation. The overarching goal is to develop a productive relationship and never leave your company until you do. 


6 Steps From Start-Up to Foundation



1. Prepare the Pitch  DDP develops clear, complete presentations that leave few questions unanswered and succinctly outline a strong business rationale that moves you to the front of the line.

2. Build the Team  A broad network based on 2 decades in San Diego biotech brings you team members that are strong advocates with credibility and trustworthiness.

3. Execute the Financing Effort  Because of long-standing relationships, DDP efficiently runs the process of gaining access to investors and setting up your opportunities to pitch. 

4. Execute Business Development A standard process now exists for Business Development among big pharma. DDP has worked it before and can work it again for you.

5. Negotiate  Deep knowledge of business valuation and experience negotiating a myriad of types of deals helps you complete your process with the best possible value remaining with you.

6. Grow  Experience with investor relations and board facilitation allows your new team to work productively toward specific milestones while working on your next series investment. 

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